One branded theme…all the frameworks! UI components that work in React, Vue 3, and Svelte!

React, Vue 3, Svelte, Astro, and Angular

UI components you can use across multiple projects!

Synchronized Theming

Brand your UI components once, then watch them work in all your projects!

Embraces the Platform

Semantic and accessible HTML. Unprocessed CSS. Code on the platform and towards upcoming web standards.

Live React, Vue, and Svelte signup form playgrounds leveraging Vest—side-by-side on a single Astro page 🚀 💥

astro logo

HTML-First agnostic-astro is in the works 👀 🚀

import 'agnostic-react/dist/common.min.css';
import 'agnostic-react/dist/esm/index.css';
import { Button } from 'agnostic-react';
const App = () => (
  <Button mode="primary">Let's go!</Button>
  React.createElement(App, {}, null),

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